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Helena Traditional Dresses

We are home based online store, if you would like to visit us and take a look at the showroom, please call us to make an appointment in advance!!

Welcome to Helena Traditional Dress online store in Springfield Virginia. We are home based business which most of the time the traditional dresses are sold online. If you wish to visit our showroom in Springfield Virginia, Please give us a call in advance or send us an e-mail to make an appointment so that we would make arrangement for your visit to purchase the dresses. We appreciated your business.

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Our specialty is handmade cotton traditional Ethiopian clothing. Such as the "Netela," the traditional Ethiopian “coffee dress” - worn usually during the Ethiopian coffee ceremony, “Ethiopian formal wear” (for women) - for formal affairs, church, parties or weddings. We also carry formal shirts and casual shirts for men.
Our web site features many items. However, each item is unique because they are handmade and an exact item as in the picture may not be available. We take orders from across the United States, Canada, Europe.